Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Orthotic's Anyone?

Well it looks like we will be getting Orthotic's for Wysdom. We went to physio today and it seems that he has very loose ankles. (She said a lot more than that and a lot more technical) Anyways,I do know this to be true of course. I see it everyday. Wysdom is really not interested in standing to much. Well he is just starting to become interested. I always think when he is standing for a few seconds that his ankles seem really small and fragile. They also turn or he rotates them and only steps on a part of the foot. So off we go to get some support.

I really have not experience with Orthotics. I have experience with g tubes, but not this. So I am going to have to learn a little bit about them. From what I understand is that there are different types. AFO'S, KAFO'S, SMO'S, KO'S and probably a lot of other options. Our physiotherapist did mention that Wysdom would be getting SMO'S, I believe.

Hey whatever helps him move around seems like a good idea. I actually think that I will be ordering some hip helpers as well. Wysdom is so flexible in his hips and since we have no carpet in our home his legs are spreading everywhere.

If you have any experience in either of these areas I would love to hear from you and how it has helped or what challenges you face with this supports.


Jenee said...

Kaitlyn will be getting her suresteps (SMO's) tomorrow. I'll let you know how they work out!

Tina said...

Saira has really week ankles and has been wearing SMOs for a while, I sometimes wonder how she will ever walk without them.. I am sure these will help Wysdom, you will see the difference.

Rochelle said...

Alayna got her suresteps in November. We have seen a huge improvement in her overpronation. Now even without shoes on her pronating is much better. It has given her much more stability to be up and walking.
She doesn't mind wearing them either.
Good luck, let us know if we can answer any other questions.

Jill said...

Nate's had them for awhile,they are great. I blogged about it then when he first got them.

My best advice is don't worry about buying expensive shoes or ones that have hightops. The red shoes pictures in my post worked the best because they were the easiest to spread open. So when picking out shoes, make sure you can open them really wide and it doesn't matter about the support in the shoe because he's going to get all the support from the orthotics.

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I feel like this will really help Wysdom out. Everyone had such positive reviews that I am hopeful.