Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Food Blog

I have been talking about do a lot of little projects from home in my last blog or two. Well one of them is to start up a food blog. I have a background in holistic nutrition and I am currently enrolled in a raw food course. Prior to getting pregnant with Wysdom I was working in a health food store. I have always really loved trying new foods and making smoothies and experimenting. So if any of you DS blogger's are into the same thing or want to join me come visit me at my other blog(still very new) at Blyssful Health

Since this is quiet new the content may change. However I feel like I will be posting some recipes, talking and sharing what we put into Wysdom's blended diet, sharing smoothie recipes and reviewing health food products that I like. As well as sharing where I find a lot of free resources.

Come drop by. I would love to see over there too!

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