Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Am I In Trouble Mommy?

If Wysdom was talking a lot I am sure his favorite saying would be "Am I In Trouble Mommy?" Or can I have some Ketchup on these computer wires they are so tasty? Or maybe even "See that bottle of oil...it is not heavy. I can pick it up like a piece of paper!!"

Oh, of course I am just joking with you all. Wysdom is hilarious and he is not in big trouble. He is just into everything that I never thought that he would be into. Since he has his oral aversion or had one I would have never guessed in my wildest dreams that he would be putting raw potatoes in his mouth, or even the bag. Or wires, wires and more wires. Oh yes and saving the best for last is his sister's feet. Yum!!!

I can't blame it solely on Wysdom as to why I have not blogging as much.(I have been busy working on some new ventures that I will share in the future and closing the deal on my parents house). But we sure are busy here chasing our little man who moves around with such speed that it is really remarkable. Gotta love his drive, his energy and his determination. Even though I am joking about him being in trouble...We really do love it!What's is your little one getting into these days?

Luckily he is taking his second power nap of the day, so I write. It must have been all that moving away from daddy this morning at 3am that has gotten him so tired!!!!!!!!!!


Lacey said...

How nice that he's moving around! Hard for you but means he's developing a lot! Arina is starting to move like crazy too! I need to get a gate for my stairs now, because she has discovered them and wonder's what they are about!

Brandie said...

Glad to hear you are a good kind of busy! I'm sure he has a lot of exploring to do. Goldie is all about getting into my stuff and playing mommy.