Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Promise Of A New Year...

I have many goals for 2011. Let me just say that I am pretty happy that 2010 is over with. Last year was a really bad year for me and my family. For Wysdom it was a good one though. So I really want to break from the negative things that happened in 2010(my mother and father passing away) and move into a new fresh year with new hopes and goals. I have always been into writing my new goals for the year. I am not saying that they always work out....but I try. Some of my goals are personal, some family oriented and then some specific ones to each Wysdom and Blyss. Health for the whole family is really important, because when you are not healthy, everything is affected.

My specific goals for Wysdom are pretty clear. To provide him with the best possible environment and resources to develop in his skills. Specifically his gross motor skills and feeding skills. Wysdom has the motivation to do a lot. I would say he has pretty high motivation and he is determined. It is just finding the right way to challenge him. Right now for example he is scooting on his bum and also army crawling on his tummy. For him the challenge is to crawl and stand. If given the right goals and instructions we hope for him to flourish in this area. Secondly, a huge goal is to continue with his feeding plan and try to wean him of his g tube. We currently are in a little bit of a weaning program right now where we are trying to get him to take as much orally as he can. Oh yes, and of course to stay healthy. Oh yes I would also like to have a financial plan set up for Wysdom and Blyss of course.

For me I have several goals. One important one is to somehow continue to blog even in the midst of our chaotic days. I HAD a pretty good following of bloggers. To be honest I have let my blogging slide and I would like to get some of yall back. :)!!!
I also have some specific health goals and personal goals that I will share with you all later that include eating healthy and de-stressing.

I would be really interested in hearing other's goals for the new year for you and your family. What do you plan on working on this year and would you like to join me on my journey of keeping to your goals?


ch said...

We're hoping 2010 is kinder to you and that your resolutions bring about positive changes in your house!

I have LOTS of goals in mind for LC, in particular, but she seems quite uninterested in participating in the pursuit of them...hmmmm...it may be a long 2011 for one little 2 year old, I'm thinking.

Hope your 2011 is as blessed as your 2010 was challenging!

viv said...

cant wait to follow you more often

Lacey said...

I don't usually makes specific goals because I never do them! I just want to keep living and loving and helping Jax and Arina live to their full potential!

Carrie said...

Here's to a better 2011!! Good luck with your goals...I'm still working on figuring out what mine are!