Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh gosh....Sick, Sick and Sick

Need I say more. The little ones are sick. First it started with Wysdom and he had some diarrhea. He had no runny nose or anything. So we were just thinking that it was his teeth. Low and behold he is on pedialyte for a couple of days and his food stopped for a day and got dramatically reduced. Finally he starts to get better and we are thrilled. Usually he is so happy and fun and lately he has been just laying around kind of moaning.

Then the day came were it seems to have passed. Both Julian and I are thrilled. Blyss comes home from school and we are all just happy that he is better. Blyss decides to lay down and about half and hour later, she THROWS up. Ughh. It seems to be different than what Wysdom has or had. Julian and I can't believe it. So we sectioned the living room off. Half for Wysdom and half for Blyss. The gloves and all come out and the late late nights continue. Last night I went to bed at 4:30am. Seriously. That was one of my latest nights. Blyss had a bad, bad night. Fever, vomit, and diarrhea. Today she is a bit better but still on the mend. Wysdom is a bit better too.

Here is a shot of Wysdom starting to act like himself. He is pulling all the clothes out of the basket and putting them on the floor. Then he fell asleep for a minute in the pile of clothes. So cute.

At least while I was up last night until 4:30am watching them in the living room.I was able to make some some homemade cereal which I posted at Blyssful Health.

Anyways...on to getting better.


Lacey said...

So cute, feeling sick, but still has to get into mischief! Mm, those raspberries look delish!

Kelly said...

Oh no....I hope everyone is on the mend soon!!!