Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Does your child hate the thermometer?

Okay really does your child hate getting their temp taken? Do they go into hysterics when you try to it. I am wondering if you have any neat little tricks that work for you? I am guessing because Wysdom has had a lot of stuff done to him in his short sweet life, that he doesn't care for anything that resembles his past stays at the hospital.

We are in the middle of an illness marathon shall we say. I think that I must have jinxed myself about a month or so ago. I was so proud that we were not sick and doing well. Since Blyss started school this year that was my greatest fear. Although I don't think I have the energy to home school like some of you out there. The thought of illness and germs paired with Wysdom gives me chills.

So when I went and said that comment about being so lucky....low and behold it started. First Wysdom had diarrhea for about a week(talked about this on an earlier blog). Then he got better. Blyss then got diarrhea and was throwing up a day after he finished. Since it presented differently we thought 2 different things so we separated them and masked up(wearing masks was something we learned from early on and use it in the worst circumstances). Then it took a week and she got better. Then I sent her to school and within a day and a half she had something else. A high fever and a cough. This is still going on, well at least the cough.

Then low and behold two days ago Wysdom gets a fever, a g tube infection (possibly) and a cough. So they are still somewhat separated and my husband and I are in survival mode a bit. I seriously have been in the house a lot lately and going a little stir crazy. Of course things could be worse, we all know that. But come on already!!!

This morning in attempts to make Blyss better I made some fresh orange juice and in attempts to make me feel better some kale, green apple, celery juice. You can check it out here on my other blog which I should have called Midnight or late night blogger.:)

Ps. I am still so grateful...just needed to vent as I sit up for about the 10th or maybe even 12th night watching over both of my babies until I wake dear hubby up at 3:00am. Actually I can get a whole lot done at this time it just doesn't help with my
resistance the the morning.

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Cindy said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this with your babies! Hang in there. I'll be praying for a quick recovery!

P.S. Beth never had a problem with having her temp taken. Can't help ya there. But I definitely understand his reason for not liking it.