Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Documentary of Monica and David

Last week I was finally able to watch the documentary called Monica and David which shares the story of 2 adults who fall in love and get married. They also happen to have Down Syndrome.

I am sure most of you have seen the documentary already. However I just wanted to see what your thoughts about this documentary? Did you enjoy it? Was it hard to watch for any of you? Was there something that you didn't like about it?

I personally found it easy to watch. I know some people have a hard time envisioning what their child with Down syndrome will be like when they grow up. I am not one of them. Maybe because we are so busy, I tend to stay in the present or maybe a year or two ahead, but that is about it.

I love the relationship between Monica and David and I loved how they showed them doing their daily routine, taking care of each other, and loving each other. the only thing that maybe bothered me for a second was that the mother was so protective. I felt at one point that she didn't want her child to interact with the public as much. Did any of you pick up on that at all?

Overall I would recommend it to parents of a child with DS, but also for family and friends in our worlds. Maybe one day the medical field and prenatal counselling departments can offer this as a resource for parents hearing about their child's diagnosis. Instead of all the negative information and they could one day say... "Here your copy of a Love Story to view"

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