Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taking it easy

31 For 21 Challenge: Day 22

We are taking it easy today. We spent the early part of the day with my grandmother. Blyss has picked up a cold even with my best efforts to keep the house cold free. My crazy hand washing and sanitizing,immune boosters and vitamins and such did not keep us out of the cold zone. I am hoping that she will get better in a couple of days and that Wysdom will not catch it as he has his g tube surgery next week. So we are just taking it easy and trying to get better.


Adrienne said...

Right there with you on the failed attempt to fully sanitize the house top to bottom along with vitamins and hand washing- Ainsley has Strep and we're waiting to hear if she has swine flu. I'm making her wear a mask though, she's been a trooper and has kept the mask on. Hopefully we can keep Bennett from getting it. Hope Wysdom stays healthy!

Tina said...

Get better soon Blyss and I hope Wysdom doesn't get it. Saira is just starting her cold :( rough days ahead

Beverly said...

im like that too with the sanitize wipes in my purse along with the gel and I wipe every thing before we touch it and when we get to the car out with the gel. LOL hope he is feeling better