Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've Been Tagged In the Name Game

31 For 21 Challenge: Day 15

Well I have been tagged in the name game about a week ago by Tina at My Precious Saira. It has taken me a while to post a response to this because I had to do some investigation. My husband and I have a very different memory of how we came up with the name Wysdom, so I tried to locate my old journals to see what I could find. Isn't this crazy...we can't truly remember all of the details in how we got the name and who picked them out. We do know that we picked Wysdom at the time that I was pregnant with Blyss 4 years ago.

Here's how the story goes. When I was pregnant with my first child, we could not find out the sex of the baby because our baby kept it's legs crossed. Julian and I knew that we wanted really great names, but that's about all we agreed on. We had a hard time picking a name that the other liked. After going through books and magazines we came up with a name for a girl. Our initial name was Sienna Marlee with several different variations on the middle name.Isn't it great what a journal will tell you. I can barely remember that we had picked this name. At that time we were still brainstorming about a boys name. From what I remember and from the journal it looks like we had a hunch that is was a girls so we really focused more on the girls name. We struggled with names through out the pregnancy. Julian and I tend to have different ideas of what names to pick. I like really different names and maybe he likes more conservative ones. So through out the whole pregnancy we looked at names and found it difficult to agree to something. My dues day was July 7th. Finally by the first week in June we had added Blyss into the mix. I believe I had come across it in a book and suggested it to Julian. Surprisingly he seemed open to it. Later he mentioned to me that he saw the name Bliss in the book Power of Now close to the time I mention Blyss, so he though it was a sign. We had Blyss spelt in two different ways. The typical "Bliss" and of course the way we choose it "Blyss".

But what if we had a boy? What would we name him? The name Sodom kind of crept into the conversation a couple of times. However Kai was also one of my favorites. I know for a fact that I had picked Kai, however we are not to sure who picked Wysdom. I think that it was definitely me..but I have NO proof. The journal doesn't say. Julian is still not certain that it was me. He thinks that he picked it. However since I like really different names I think it was me. This will always stay a bit of a mystery as we will never be able to go back in time and find out who initially choose it. As it turned out our hunch was right and we had a girl. So the name Wysdom and Kai got tucked away. Little did we know that having spoken of Wysdom at that time sent the universe working. Two years later, a baby boy was to be born. When I became pregnant for the second time, Julian and I immediately remembered the name Wysdom. After the diagnosis that our baby had down syndrome we shortly found out that we were having a boy. The name Wysdom came back to our memory and discussion. However I didn't know if it fit anymore. Could we or should we give our son the name Wysdom while knowing that he had Down syndrome? Would he get teased more? Would he like it? Or be able to say his own name? Even though I loved the name, I somehow now had reservations about it. It was Julian's ultimate determination and insight that turned us back to the name Wysdom when I strayed. Why shouldn't he have this name? Wasn't he created in thought two years earlier? And so it was written so to speak, and Wysdom was chosen.

Now we love both of their names and couldn't picture them any differently. Now if we have a third we would us the name....JUST JOKING...WE ARE DONE!!

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Tina said...

Both your children have beautiful names!! Thanks for playing along.

Unknown said...

I have to say, you have the most interesting names for your kids. I really like them. As for Wysdom, I think its the perfect name for him. Now it's my turn to share!!

Carrie said...

I love your kids' names! Great story!

We don't know if it's RSV or not, our pedi wants us to have Anna get the RSV shot still (because there are two strains of RSV and she wants her protected from both) and she was worried that if they officialled diagnosed her with RSV now (before the shots come in) that insurance wouldn't pay for them b/c they would see it as pointless. Have I mentioned how rediculous I think insurance company policies are???

I hope we can skip the IV thing--I'm sorry you guys had to go through that!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing the story of their names!

I had Kayla picked out for a long time, it was always in the back of my mind as a name I liked if I had a daughter. After she was born and I saw that she did have Ds I briefly thought I shouldn't name her Kayla; I thought I should 'save' that name in case I had another's weird the things your mind goes through! I'm glad I stuck with Kayla as she was intended to be..just like Wysdom!