Sunday, October 4, 2009

Morning surprise: Trip to the hospital

31 for 21 Challenge: Day 4

Well we spent the early part of this morning and afternoon at the hospital. Nothing to major except that Wysdom pulled out his NG tube. What a little trouble maker!! I can't blame him though, who would really want that tube in. I was woken up by my husband who said "we need to take a trip". Right away I knew the tube was out and we were going to the hospital.

Today was a bit of an adventure at the hospital as the nurse was not that familiar with the ng tube. She probably does not get practice putting them in and checking for the right placement that often, so let's just say she was a bit rusty. You always have to make sure that it is placed correctly and not in the lungs as it would lead to aspiration. We had some discrepancies as to where the tube should be placed. Normally it is measured and placed at a certain number on the tube. Today she had a huge difference from where we normally get it placed. It eventually all got worked out and we just adjusted it later on.

So half the day is gone..but we are home now and happy. Being back in the ped's ward at the hospital today was a little to familiar for us and I was eager to get outta there!!!! Happy to be home with family today.


Beverly said...

happy you are home and all is well now. That sounds so scary. Hope you can get some rest today.

Sara P said...

i'm happy your home too. wow, what a morning!

ch said...

Stinker! I totally feel your pain. LC's immune system started attacking her NG tube, so we had to place it EVERY TIME she ate and then remove it after each feeding.

That DEFINITELY made the Gtube a friendlier arrival than it might have been otherwise. I'm lucky Justin's steelier under pressure than me. The stethoscope we checked placement with is still one of LC's favorite toys. Hee, hee...

We'll be the first to celebrate with you when those NG toober traumas are a thing of the past.

Hope your weekend ended on a high note!