Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wysdom and a Bottle of Rum

Yup you read that correctly. Need I say more. Wysdom is becoming interested in moving around and touching new things. He is still doing the bum scoot thing and the commando crawl, but he is expanding his reach and activities. So I am not sure if this happened today or yesterday because the days seem to blend together. Whenever it happened it provided us with a good old laugh.

My husband and I watch Wysdom really well. This mostly has to do with his medical history and his feeding tube that he loves to play with. As well he has some pretty sharp teeth and he likes to bite things like computer wires, his sister and paper. Truly he has always been monitored really well since birth and we have just continued with this as he is getting older. So... imagine my surprise when I walked into our living room and he was looking in a china cabinet and had a large bottle of "rum" sitting on the floor in the middle of his legs. It was unopened and a plastic bottle so no immediate need for screams. As most of you know my parents passed away last year. So I inherited some of their furniture which included the cabinet. We also inherited some of my dad's collection from his bar. So I figured to be sentimental that I would put everything in the same cabinet in the exact same spot that my dad kept it. We really don't drink a lot these days. We haven't opened the cabinet in a while but I think that night I felt like a glass of wine.

I have seen Wysdom tug on some of the doors. Especially the door that keep all of our video's. He has never attempted the other doors until now. So you can imagine my face when I walked into our living room. My husband was there with him, but probably thought he was playing with his toys. Maybe he saw Julian take out a bottle of wine and thought "oh this looks like fun, or new".

The good news is that he is learning to explore his surroundings and is using his fine motor skills. Yeah. I am all for that of course. However we know need to figure out how to make this cabinet child proof....of ya and almost everything else in the house.

Hope this gives you a good laugh. I was so in shock that I didn't get to take a photo.

We have been crazy busy with lots of therapy appointments that I will post about later in the week. I just wanted to share this story.

Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

2 Baths In a Row Mommy?

Wysdom is keeping us really busy. If I had a camera and took a video of the last couple of days....I am positive I could win money from somewhere. Julian is usually out and then Wysdom has a big accident in his diaper. It is not really an accident as he is not potty trained yet. The accident part is that it is a mess. I am home alone with Wysdom. Then I hear Julian and Blyss outside getting ready to come in and I scream...Come Help me. Then it becomes a whole family affair. Blyss gets the bags, Julian holds his hands and legs sometimes. I try to clean him up and then we just run out of hands.....

That's how bad it is? Do your little ones have any accidents. Love to hear some of your funny moments with your little ones.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Giveaway: Get Healthy With Us!

To all my DS mom's I would love for your to come over to my food blog and enter our contest. I have a selection of 4 books for the winner to choose from. The only thing is that you will have to comment over at Blyssful Health. That will help me keep track of everyone.

These books focus on healthy eating, juicing, and eating to be well. Please stop by and enter. Blyssful Health

Wysdom is well. Sleeping now. We have had a busy week with an echo, and fitting for orthotics. Will post more on my little handsome man later. For all of you that commented on the echo post, I left a brief comment there on how the day went. Thanks for the support.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Echo Time Again

Well I am not going to lie. I am a little bit nervous about our appointment this week. We are heading out of town to get an echo done for Wysdom. We will leave at 7am to make it there for a 9:OOam appointment.

I am hoping for some good results. I feel like Wysdom is doing well. There was some concern at our last cardio meeting. Nothing urgent but just something to think about in the future. So we are going for the echo to make sure all is well. They will put him to sleep which is usually fine. We usually go to a smaller hospital, however they will not do an echo on Wysdom without putting him totally under with a breathing tube. He is seen as such a risk that they don't want to do it any other way.

So off we go to a larger hospital where they use a liquid to sedate him. This is much easier as it is just put in his g tube and therefore no tubes in his mouth. They did ask if I thought he would tolerate a different drug that would keep him awake, but just more relaxed. My answer was "Nope..he won't go for that" Really Wysdom has had a lot done and I think he would not allow anyone to touch him even if he was made more relaxed. Ideally this would be the better way. So we will see how it goes.

I did learn that after the age of 3 they do not put children to sleep so he will eventually have to get used to being touched as after 3 years of age he will have to be awake. For all of you that have never seen an echo done it is a painless procedure that is like an ultrasound but over the heart. It doesn't take very long...but to my little man it is awful. He doesn't tolerate a lot of things, and I can't blame him.

Then on Tuesday we go to make casts for his feet for orthotics. I am excited to get this done as I hope it will help Wysdom out. Oh yes and the good news is that he seems to like the Pony Walker. He has figured out how to move forward and is enjoying it so far. He does go on his tippy toes though. He is just so THRILLED to be able to move around. So we are really excited about this.

I will have to post a video of him in it as he dances to Hannah Montana or Justin Bieber. These happen to be my daughter's favorites, so Wysdom has no choice but to love them too.

Ps. Stay tuned for a contest on my food blog this week. If you want to get healthy or try some new recipes you will have a chance to win a great book.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pictures of Pony Walker & More

Last post I asked if anyone had used a Pony Walker to help their child learn to walk as Wysdom is still not really interested in standing. I got a couple of comments asking for a picture of it. So here it is plus a few other pics of Wysdom.

So here is the pony walker.

Wysdom is sleeping now so that is why he is missing. He gets to sit on a little cushion and the idea is that he uses his feet to move the walker and then can become more mobile.

We have only had him in it a few times. He doesn't seem to mind it, however not sure if it will help or not. It is so new that we will keep trying. We do have an appointment for casting for his new SMO's in two weeks.

This is Blyss and Wysdom playing with each other. This position often ends up in someone crying from getting hit in the head by Wysdom head.

This is my little sweetie eating wipes. Yup he is loving it and was even doing it more for the camera. I guess I shouldn't really take his picture while he is doing this. The cute thing is that he will look around and pretend he is doing something and the second you walk away....Yummm Wipes.

Lastly, this is a picture of Quinoa Stuffed Peppers from my foodie blog. Come sign up over there for info on recipes, health tips and fun contests.

We have lots coming up in the next few weeks with Wysdom. An eye appointment, physio, however the biggest and scariest is his echo for his heart on March 14th. Will keep you posted. Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pony Walker/Stander?

We now have a pony stander or walker. Not sure which is the correct name. Anyways we have this on loan to try to help Wysdom stand. He is not really interested or maybe not comfortable standing. We had a traditional stander for a while but that didn't seem to do it for us. We try on our own by holding him and that works a bit.

So now we have a pony walker. He sit's in this chair type of thing and get's strapped in and then he is supposed to use his legs and move himself like a bike. So far he is interested in chewing the foam at the top where the tray is located.

Just wondering if any of you have used this little apparatice before and how it worked out for you? As I mentioned before we are getting SMO's for Wysdom's shoes and this well be done in about a week or so. I am really hoping that they help give him some stability. I would love to have him walking around.

I do realize that he does things so totally in his own time, but would love to get him off the floor and walking around. Especially since he is wearing a cute hockey jersey today!:)

Love to hear what worked for you and your little ones with walking and motivation. I figure that Wysdom has pretty low tone so it is really hard for him.