Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Love this kid: Updates

As everyday goes by, I find something new and exciting about Wysdom. He is always amazing us with his great personality, eagerness and just pure love of life. I can't describe how much joy he brings to everyones life. I am so happy he is a part of our life. For those that are new to this blog you can read about our journey here.

I know I haven't been posting as much as I used to. I am going to try to keep up the posting a little bit more. Truth be told both my hubby and I are working on some projects right now that are keeping us very busy. Oh course Wysdom is also keeping busy and so is Blyss. Ha, 2 children under 5 is keeping me on my toes.

Some Updates

Today we got a new stander for Wysdom. This is his third. We really we have had one stander and a pony walker before. Now we are onto our 2nd stander which I think will be great. It takes up a lot of space but we are so happy to have it.

Today when it got set up, Wysdom went in it like a champ. He now has his orthotics and we are really trying to work on his standing and building up his muscles. He is eager to stand on some days and other's he is not so keen. When he was put in today he was so happy to be standing up. To keep him entertained we had Blyss put on the Let's Dance on. So while she danced, Wysdom started to dance. Can you believe that he has a lot of the dance moves memorized. Blyss is an avid dancer and she loves music so this is a part of our house. So Wysdom really picks up on this. However I didn't realize how much. He can shake and puts his hands up above his head and follows the directions. I so have to get this on camera the next time that he does this. The funniest thing is that I have learned that he has some strong music preferences. He definitely is more of the hip pop, reggae loving boy. He seems to really enjoy this rhythm.


We are that we are still patching his left eye. He still loves to use just his right eye, however we are trying to get him to balance using both eyes. It is a bit tricky to do patching since he can take off the eye patch. So we have to sit with him and literally hold his hands. Yup! He can take the patch off. We have tried sticky patches, cloth patches, hockey equipment on his arms to prevent him from bending and taking it off ( suggestion from clinic ). Nothing else works right now. So if you have any ideas please let us know.

Feeding is going well. We now don't use the tube for any feeds!!!! Yeah. He still has the g tube and we just flush it with water. So we are really happy about his progress. He is still getting a blended feed that we make up in the Vitamix. Our goal is to get the Tube OUT!!!

Talking & Sign Language
Wysdom is doing really well in communicating with us. He used a LOT of sign language and also says a good handful of words. He is so into imitating what we do. If we sneeze, so does he. If we laugh, so does he. If we dance, so does he. He so loves his sister and she loves him so much, so they are having a lot of fun together. As long as he doesn't beat her up!!!

Oxygen Test
We have had a repeat pulse ox test and that didn't go that well. I am not sure about the results yet, but he would not keep it on for the 4 hours needed. I seriously got 1 and yes I repeat 1 solid hour done. The rest was hit and miss. The first one didn't have enough time of storing his stats. This attempt, we had less. ugh....

Otherwise all is good. We are really busy. However that has been the norm for us for the last couple of years. Hope to take a video soon and let you see my cutie pie!!!