Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Food Blog

I have been talking about do a lot of little projects from home in my last blog or two. Well one of them is to start up a food blog. I have a background in holistic nutrition and I am currently enrolled in a raw food course. Prior to getting pregnant with Wysdom I was working in a health food store. I have always really loved trying new foods and making smoothies and experimenting. So if any of you DS blogger's are into the same thing or want to join me come visit me at my other blog(still very new) at Blyssful Health

Since this is quiet new the content may change. However I feel like I will be posting some recipes, talking and sharing what we put into Wysdom's blended diet, sharing smoothie recipes and reviewing health food products that I like. As well as sharing where I find a lot of free resources.

Come drop by. I would love to see over there too!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Want a good laugh?

The hazards of tube feeding!!! We often have a mess with tube feeding. However this is the most hilarious thing that has happened.

If you are a tube feeder, you are I am sure familiar with leaks and mess. If you are not let me explain a little. Wysdom is feed partially by a g tube. A peg one to be specific. He loves to play with the tube and since we still have a peg with the connector(a long tube connecting to his g tube) it is really easy for him to reach. Sometimes a kink happens in the tube just like it would in hose. When that happens the food "Reverses" directions and Shoots" out at a high speed and anyone and everything is victim. Usually it is our clothes, the floor, his chair or our hand. However this time it was Julian's eye. Hilarious
(ps. this is my husband taking a picture of himself to capture the moment)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Am I In Trouble Mommy?

If Wysdom was talking a lot I am sure his favorite saying would be "Am I In Trouble Mommy?" Or can I have some Ketchup on these computer wires they are so tasty? Or maybe even "See that bottle of is not heavy. I can pick it up like a piece of paper!!"

Oh, of course I am just joking with you all. Wysdom is hilarious and he is not in big trouble. He is just into everything that I never thought that he would be into. Since he has his oral aversion or had one I would have never guessed in my wildest dreams that he would be putting raw potatoes in his mouth, or even the bag. Or wires, wires and more wires. Oh yes and saving the best for last is his sister's feet. Yum!!!

I can't blame it solely on Wysdom as to why I have not blogging as much.(I have been busy working on some new ventures that I will share in the future and closing the deal on my parents house). But we sure are busy here chasing our little man who moves around with such speed that it is really remarkable. Gotta love his drive, his energy and his determination. Even though I am joking about him being in trouble...We really do love it!What's is your little one getting into these days?

Luckily he is taking his second power nap of the day, so I write. It must have been all that moving away from daddy this morning at 3am that has gotten him so tired!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Promise Of A New Year...

I have many goals for 2011. Let me just say that I am pretty happy that 2010 is over with. Last year was a really bad year for me and my family. For Wysdom it was a good one though. So I really want to break from the negative things that happened in 2010(my mother and father passing away) and move into a new fresh year with new hopes and goals. I have always been into writing my new goals for the year. I am not saying that they always work out....but I try. Some of my goals are personal, some family oriented and then some specific ones to each Wysdom and Blyss. Health for the whole family is really important, because when you are not healthy, everything is affected.

My specific goals for Wysdom are pretty clear. To provide him with the best possible environment and resources to develop in his skills. Specifically his gross motor skills and feeding skills. Wysdom has the motivation to do a lot. I would say he has pretty high motivation and he is determined. It is just finding the right way to challenge him. Right now for example he is scooting on his bum and also army crawling on his tummy. For him the challenge is to crawl and stand. If given the right goals and instructions we hope for him to flourish in this area. Secondly, a huge goal is to continue with his feeding plan and try to wean him of his g tube. We currently are in a little bit of a weaning program right now where we are trying to get him to take as much orally as he can. Oh yes, and of course to stay healthy. Oh yes I would also like to have a financial plan set up for Wysdom and Blyss of course.

For me I have several goals. One important one is to somehow continue to blog even in the midst of our chaotic days. I HAD a pretty good following of bloggers. To be honest I have let my blogging slide and I would like to get some of yall back. :)!!!
I also have some specific health goals and personal goals that I will share with you all later that include eating healthy and de-stressing.

I would be really interested in hearing other's goals for the new year for you and your family. What do you plan on working on this year and would you like to join me on my journey of keeping to your goals?