Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wysdom and a Bottle of Rum

Yup you read that correctly. Need I say more. Wysdom is becoming interested in moving around and touching new things. He is still doing the bum scoot thing and the commando crawl, but he is expanding his reach and activities. So I am not sure if this happened today or yesterday because the days seem to blend together. Whenever it happened it provided us with a good old laugh.

My husband and I watch Wysdom really well. This mostly has to do with his medical history and his feeding tube that he loves to play with. As well he has some pretty sharp teeth and he likes to bite things like computer wires, his sister and paper. Truly he has always been monitored really well since birth and we have just continued with this as he is getting older. So... imagine my surprise when I walked into our living room and he was looking in a china cabinet and had a large bottle of "rum" sitting on the floor in the middle of his legs. It was unopened and a plastic bottle so no immediate need for screams. As most of you know my parents passed away last year. So I inherited some of their furniture which included the cabinet. We also inherited some of my dad's collection from his bar. So I figured to be sentimental that I would put everything in the same cabinet in the exact same spot that my dad kept it. We really don't drink a lot these days. We haven't opened the cabinet in a while but I think that night I felt like a glass of wine.

I have seen Wysdom tug on some of the doors. Especially the door that keep all of our video's. He has never attempted the other doors until now. So you can imagine my face when I walked into our living room. My husband was there with him, but probably thought he was playing with his toys. Maybe he saw Julian take out a bottle of wine and thought "oh this looks like fun, or new".

The good news is that he is learning to explore his surroundings and is using his fine motor skills. Yeah. I am all for that of course. However we know need to figure out how to make this cabinet child proof....of ya and almost everything else in the house.

Hope this gives you a good laugh. I was so in shock that I didn't get to take a photo.

We have been crazy busy with lots of therapy appointments that I will post about later in the week. I just wanted to share this story.

Have a great week everyone.

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Unknown said...

That would have been hilarious to see the little guy sitting with a bottle of rum between his legs. From Mark I got a chuckle out of that as well.