Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pony Walker/Stander?

We now have a pony stander or walker. Not sure which is the correct name. Anyways we have this on loan to try to help Wysdom stand. He is not really interested or maybe not comfortable standing. We had a traditional stander for a while but that didn't seem to do it for us. We try on our own by holding him and that works a bit.

So now we have a pony walker. He sit's in this chair type of thing and get's strapped in and then he is supposed to use his legs and move himself like a bike. So far he is interested in chewing the foam at the top where the tray is located.

Just wondering if any of you have used this little apparatice before and how it worked out for you? As I mentioned before we are getting SMO's for Wysdom's shoes and this well be done in about a week or so. I am really hoping that they help give him some stability. I would love to have him walking around.

I do realize that he does things so totally in his own time, but would love to get him off the floor and walking around. Especially since he is wearing a cute hockey jersey today!:)

Love to hear what worked for you and your little ones with walking and motivation. I figure that Wysdom has pretty low tone so it is really hard for him.


viv said...

can you post a photo of him in it? I am not sure what a pony walker is ?

Krista said...

I would love to see a pic too. How old is Wysdom. Our PT never suggested anything like that, but I can only assume it is because Ella is doing alright in that department...A little jiggly in the belly area but its getting better.