Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Echo Time Again

Well I am not going to lie. I am a little bit nervous about our appointment this week. We are heading out of town to get an echo done for Wysdom. We will leave at 7am to make it there for a 9:OOam appointment.

I am hoping for some good results. I feel like Wysdom is doing well. There was some concern at our last cardio meeting. Nothing urgent but just something to think about in the future. So we are going for the echo to make sure all is well. They will put him to sleep which is usually fine. We usually go to a smaller hospital, however they will not do an echo on Wysdom without putting him totally under with a breathing tube. He is seen as such a risk that they don't want to do it any other way.

So off we go to a larger hospital where they use a liquid to sedate him. This is much easier as it is just put in his g tube and therefore no tubes in his mouth. They did ask if I thought he would tolerate a different drug that would keep him awake, but just more relaxed. My answer was "Nope..he won't go for that" Really Wysdom has had a lot done and I think he would not allow anyone to touch him even if he was made more relaxed. Ideally this would be the better way. So we will see how it goes.

I did learn that after the age of 3 they do not put children to sleep so he will eventually have to get used to being touched as after 3 years of age he will have to be awake. For all of you that have never seen an echo done it is a painless procedure that is like an ultrasound but over the heart. It doesn't take very long...but to my little man it is awful. He doesn't tolerate a lot of things, and I can't blame him.

Then on Tuesday we go to make casts for his feet for orthotics. I am excited to get this done as I hope it will help Wysdom out. Oh yes and the good news is that he seems to like the Pony Walker. He has figured out how to move forward and is enjoying it so far. He does go on his tippy toes though. He is just so THRILLED to be able to move around. So we are really excited about this.

I will have to post a video of him in it as he dances to Hannah Montana or Justin Bieber. These happen to be my daughter's favorites, so Wysdom has no choice but to love them too.

Ps. Stay tuned for a contest on my food blog this week. If you want to get healthy or try some new recipes you will have a chance to win a great book.


Me said...

Good luck with the appointment, hoping it's completely uneventful (in a good way of course).

Lacey said...

Praying for good echo results! You so need to post a video of him dancing!!

viv said...

Owens Echo is next week too ! They don't put him under or sedate him I just have to manage to hold him down by signing to him but I don't like my chances this time round becuase he is such a wriggle pot.
thinking of you let us know how you get on.

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

Thanks everyone. Today was pretty good. Long day but good. Wysdom did pretty good with the echo procedure and the sedation. Lucked into having a nurse we had from 2 years ago. Loved having her. The tec gave me a little bit of info that some things have stayed the same. So that is good. However I will wait for the official word from the cardi.

Arisa Alexanian said...

Michael who is 5 years old, had an echo at Sick Kids in December and they tried to do it while he was awake - did not work out so well. They say that is typical of kids that are developmentally delayed and they will continue to sedate them. So next time he goes back in the next 60 days, they will sedate him.
I share this so you know it will be an option for you in the future.