Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Wysdom!!

Can you believe it. Wysdom is two years old. Okay mind you it was more than a few days ago (bad mommy for posting this late. It was actually like 2 weeks ago). Wysdom turned two on the 28th of November. We had a small party for him at our house of just my side of the family. This past weekend on Dec 4th we had another party for him with Julian's family. This year you can really tell that he knows that something is going on. He seemed excited with the decorations and put his little fingers into the cake. Oh yes and of course he was into opening the gifts. Anything with paper is a big hit!!!

At the time of the first party I had lost my digital camera and had to use an older camera that my mom owned. So I am still waiting to develop those. However the good news is that the digital has been found and some new pics should be up soon.

Wysdom is so busy right now that it is hard to even type on the computer. We love it! He is so into everything. We are now attempting to put up the Christmas Tree and see he thinks of that.

So I know this post is short and I haven't been keeping up with blogging as well. However i just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that came to his parties and who celebrated this huge milestone with us. Thanks for all of your gifts and cards and donations for Wysdom!!!


Adrienne said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wysdom!!!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday, Wysdom!!! Tell your mommy I've missed her! :)

Gabriel and Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday Wysdom! Good to hear from you Sasha. Have a great holiday!

Beverly said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Wysdom!!!! I have missed hear all about you and seeing your beautiful face! xoxo