Sunday, May 23, 2010

Children are sick..but good news

Well the kiddo's have been sick for the last three days. It started on Friday with Blyss being tired and lounging around. Then she felt warm. Friday was an already crazy day with me taking my dad to an appointment and several in home appointments for me. While our last therapist was here and working with Wysdom, Blyss threw up all over herself and the couch. The therapist was like " okay I am going to go now". Crazy day.

We tried to keep them apart but then Wysdom has started coughing and throwing up is fully congested. He also started to feel warm. We had to cut all feeds and do the Pedialyte thing again. We know this protocol well and know when to do it. He just starts coughing and is unable to keep his food down and the reflux goes nuts. Then a yellow bright fluid emerges through the tube. So we did his Pedialyte for the night. When this all happened we were starting off on our blenderized diet that I mentioned in the last post. So when we went to start him back on nutren and it didn't work....we just switched over to all blended foods via the tube. This cold has been a blessing in disguise in a way(not that I would ever welcome a cold). It has allowed us to stop all formula because he wasn't tolerating it and try the blended diet. He is tolerating it very well and there is SOOOOOOOOO much less mucus and reflux. I don't even think he has thrown up in the last 24 hours. We are kind of winging it and it is a little stressful as I like to plan and be prepared. So even though he is sick, we may have solved a problem and learned more than we have about Wysdom's digestion and reflux than we ever have.

It has been so crazy I have not even been able to tell you all my drama about trying to get appointments. Anyways I will fill ya in later


Rochelle said...

Sorry the kids are sick, but loving the bonus for you and the diet for Wysdom. Hope it continues to solve his reflux!

Tina said...

I stopped formula and all forms of lactose for Saira a couple of months back and ever since she hasn't been sick, no congestion no colds, it's been great. I do still need to get her actually checked for lactose intolerance but until then lactose is staying far away. I have started her on soya milk, doesn't taste all that great but....if it does the work she has to get used to it!

mandd3 said...

I hope the kids are better soon, and what great news for Wysdom!

Beverly said...

so sorry the kids are sick and things are crazy. hope they are feeling better soon and you can get some rest. praying all is well.