Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Urgent need of a family and donations

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Please read this and pass the information to as many people as you can. This little cutie is being transferred in a few months to an institution.

My husband and I donated money this week to Reece's Rainbow in the spirit of giving. Recee's Rainbow is an international adoption agency for children with Down syndrome. By raising money to offer adoption grants on waiting children, they in turn are able to give adoptive families the extra financial help they need to bring a child home and avoid them getting put into horrible institutions where they are basically left in their cribs for life, with little nutrition or care.

I am so happy we were able to do so. However I have been truly bothered as well. I have seen all of the children that are waiting for help and homes and it is heartbreaking.

I just happened to see another blogger post an urgent request for children that need our help asap and on her list was Ian. I have been touched by Ian# (y65w-2) . He is close to 4 years old and is African American and is in an orphanage in Russia.(Yes this is a rare case because of that) Truly, I am touched by all of the children but just happened to connect with his picture as he reminds me a little bit of what Wysdom could look like when he is that age. He could so easily fit in with our family if we were in a position to adopt. However we are not in a position to do so, however we thought that we could spread the word and try to raise funds for him.

So we contacted Reece's Rainbow this week. We had the idea in our head that we could try a little more over the months and gather some donations from family. Well when we contacted Reece's Rainbow I learned that Ian did have a family ready to take him but that fell through and now he is going to be transferred to an institution within the new year. They said it would be anything short of a miracle if funds could be raised for this little boy. So I am asking everyone who can to donate for Ian and to pass the word along. He doesn't have much time at all. We want to collect some money for him and hopefully inspire a family to adopt him. From talking to the staff and Ree's Rainbow, the only way an adoption may happen is if significant funds are raised ASAP and a family is found to secure him from being transferred. So please do what you can to support this little cutie before he is sent away to an institution for life.

His description is "Ian is a very special boy! It is rare to find a child of African descent in Russia, but here he is! Ian is HEALTHY, with no heart condition. He is active and happy and an orphanage favorite. He does have one undescended testicle on the right side".

For more information on Ian and other urgent cases please go to

Or contact Andrea at

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Cathy said...

Oh Sasha, I hope that your efforts are fruitful. I hold such a special place in my heart for these little ones on Reece's Rainbow. I wish there were a way to get them all adopted, but I also wish that there was a way to educate the people from these countries about what like can be like for people with Ds so that they wouldn't give them away in the first place. For now, we try to do our part by praying for them and sending a little money when we can.

Do you follow CJs blog? She's the T21 Afghan woman. I believe she held a fundraiser last night for one little angel on Reece's Rainbow. She might be able to give you some ideas.

Let's keep advocating for these precious children!!!!!!!

And on another topic...

I got the Fisher Price pig at Target, but our local Wal-mart has it and I've seen it at Kohl's too. It took a while to get Lily to figure out how to put the coins in, but she's becoming really good at it. I think it's really helped her with control.