Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Birthday Party Pics!!

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Here is a shot of Wysdom's cake and some pictures from his Birthday party. This is Part 1 of 2. This weekend we only had my side of the family over for the party. Julian's family will be coming down on Sunday for Birthday Part 2. We both have large families and we thought it might be to much to have 30 people squished into our little place. We also didn't want to overwhelm Wysdom with so many people at one time.


This is big sister Blyss getting ready for the party. She was very excited, but also a little jealous too. So we had to get her all dolled up for the party so she felt special too.

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Nana and Birthday boy.

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Grandpa and Nana came early to help out and get some hugs.

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Wysdom really enjoying the whole Birthday thing. He was quite happy with his cake and everyone singing Happy Birthday to him. A little secret is that I practiced singing Happy Birthday with him for about a week prior to his party so he could get used to the song for his big day. It worked. He loved it.( I didn't want him to get startled and have reflux issues all over the cake:)

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I think this was pre party. Anyways I love it because I actually caught a smile on camera. That is a hard thing to do! Love ya my chubby man.


Lacey said...

Happy birthday big boy. That is a great smile!

DK said...

Love his smile...so sweet!

kangfamily said...

That last comment was from me...didn't know I was signed in under my husband's account. :)

Kristen's mom said...

I love Birthday Parties! It looks like everyone had fun. Such a cute smile.

ch said...

Happy Birthday, BigStuff! We can't wait to have a front row seat for the next year's adventures and achievements!

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! He looks like such a big boy too! thanks for sharing