Saturday, November 21, 2009

Therapy updates and a big old wave!

For the last week I have been trying to teach Wysdom how to wave at me. Today, when I came home, unpacked the groceries and briefly said "hi" to him. I failed to give him his regular greeting which is a big kiss and smooch on the face. However when I turned around to look at him, he was all twisted in his bouncy chair looking at me and WAVING!!! Oh how excited I was and still am!!! He is really trying to communicate. I have to go pick up some books or Cd's on signing. I only use one or two signs now with him. I think he looks ready to start some more.

Therapy updates
On another note early in the week I was feeling kind of upset after a couple of therapy session. It seems that sometimes the therapist just don't think Wysdom is ready for or can do certain things. I beg to differ of course, but sometimes it just seems like a little bit of a tug of war or uphill battle. Don't get me wrong the therapist are okay but have different opinions and probably some preconceived ideas on what Wysdom can and can't do. So this week I had to advocate on Wysdom's behalf and let the therapist know that he is ready to start to drink. He wants to drink, he is eager to drink. They thought that he is not developmentally ready to do so. So I challenged them. I mean come on now, it's not an issue of aspiration or anything. It's just that's their opinion and guess what? Wysdom sure did show them. Yes it was his first time drinking out of a cup, but he managed and surprised them!!

Next we moved onto our PT appointment where she didn't seem optimistic that Wysdom would master sitting. Yes I know he is behind in that area, but it really ticked me off that I got that vibe from her. I came out and asked her what she thought about him being able to sit and she kind of hesitated and didn't say to much. Which in reality said a lot! So my husband and I talked it over and just have made up our own plan of what we believe and also what we have to do in the area of feeding and sitting. We all have lots of work ahead of us, but for now we are enjoying Wysdom. He will be one year old next week and we are trying to decide what to do for his birthday next week.


kangfamily said...

Way to go Wysdom! I love the new picture of him...he has the sweetest face. I agree that sometimes we have to challenge our therapists a little.

Cathy said...

So cool that Wysdom is waving!! I'm trying to get Lily to do the same. I have the signing times videos, but I'm not consistent enough with it so I don't know how it's going to go. I'm sure Lily COULD do's mommy that's the problem.

As far as the therapists go...kick them in the I would be angry if it were that obvious that Lily's therapists had doubts about her abilities! You are truly the "Wysdom professional" know him best. When I was a teacher, I always thought that kids rose to your expectations...meaning that if not much is expected then not much will happen. It sounds like you have the right idea! Keep doing what you know is are doing a great job...keep advocating for your little one! :)

Googsmom said...

Yea on the waving :) Nice!!

If you can, i'd sooo go and get some Signing Time DVD's. ( I checked the library first and borrowed a few just to make sure Brook would like them. She LOVED them and still does) The best thing I ever did! I also got her her own portable DVD player so Signing Time plays alllll day long around here. It's not like she will sit there all day and watch, but I really feel it's the best thing for her to watch. What I did is play the same dvd for a week and then switch. I'm certain that is how she learned so many signs. Best wishes and {{{{HUGS}}}}

Oh and therapists..... you are the Momma and you know Wysdom BEST!! Don't ever let them underestimate your little man's potential!!

Tara said...

Wysdom's new waving skills rock! That is so much fun!

Now, as an OT, I can tell you that YOU are the expert on Wysdom. You probably know more about Down syndrome than they ever will, too. Don't be afraid to push them! I hope he continues to show them up!

Kristen's mom said...

Thanks for your kind words. I love the name Wysdom, Had not heard it before, but I love it and is so fitting. The first words Kristen said were the signs she learned. We don't know a lot of signs, but the one she learned helped so much. She even made up some of her own. Kristen gets fustrated when I don't understand what she is saying and the signs help. We came across some signing dvds called "Signing Time" They were great.

SunflowerStories said...

How exciting!!! WTG, Wysdom!

Michelle said...

How exciting to turn around and see him waving, unprompted!

and good for you for speaking up to the therapists and just telling them to at least start trying working on those skills and let Wysdom show what he can do!

Arisa Alexanian said...

Hey Sasha
I have both the Baby Signing Times DVDs so you are welcome to them! They are great and I am sure Blyss will love learning how to sign too. All my nieces and nephews used to watch with Michael and practice with him. Give me a call and I will get them to you.
Regarding the PT and OT, you are doing the right thing. I think that sometimes, the therapists get caught up in "averages" and don't want to give false hope so its up to us as parents to advocate for our kids. I always get his therapists to identify for me what the next skill set will be that we will work towards, then we work on those skills at home to get a head start. So keep plugging away at home, he will probably work happily with you and Julian on learning because you make it fun!