Monday, November 23, 2009

Gotta Love Family

Today Julian's parents came for a visit. They live about and hour and a half away and have been coming down pretty much every Sunday since Wysdom was born. They come with dinner prepared and provide Julian and I with some rest and assistance. Of course they come to see little Wysdom and Blyss.We are so blessed to have family. They are able to catch up on Wysdom's progress and spend some time with Blyss. Not only do they cook dinner, but they clean too. They usually do some laundry like they did this evening. Clean up the big girls messy room and sweep the floors. Julian's dad does any handy work around the house that needs to be done. This is all such a huge gift for us as we are usually pretty busy with Wysdom and all the daily chores and duties pile up.

Julian's Mom(this is an older picture)

Julian's Aunt

Since it is Wysdom's first Birthday at the end of the week I have also been thinking back over the last year. Julian's parents and family have supported us through out the entire year and pregnancy. My sister in laws, Julian's mom and Aunt came one day when I was pregnant and totally decorated Wysdom's room. They brought everything and I mean everything. Curtains, small area carpet, a lamp, a crib set and clothes. My sister in law brought me her change table(awesome one because it's high enough for us-we are both tall) and also curtains and a bed skirt for the crib. My other sister in law lent me her travelling breat pump set for the year so that I could pump breast milk for Wysdom. Julian's Uncle who comes down every Sunday to help with the food, but who also cleans a lot for me. His family came to visit us when Wysdom was born and we stayed at the RMH over Christmas and brought us dinner and gift so we could feel like we were celebrating Christmas. They came to Sick Kid's Hospital many times when he had his open heart surgery. They have told everyone at their church about Wysdom and we recieve lots of support and prayers from everyone in their congregation. They even have done a video montage of Wysdom on the big screen at their church( we haven't seen it yet but will post it once we get a copy)They help entertain Blyss when I am just so burnt out. This evening they did all of the wonder full things that they always do and I am so truly blessed to have them as part of my life.

Then there is my parents.They live in the same city as we do. They have provided amazing support as well. Everything from sending over food and doing my groceries shopping. My dad cooks a big pot of rice and peas every Sunday and sends it over.
She has been able to watch and take care of Blyss each time Wysdom is in the hospital. I am sure she never thought that he would be in the hospital for the first two months of his life. So she watched Blyss that entire time and that is not an easy job when you have rheumatoid arthritis and have an active child to watch. She also is on call for whenever I need to go to medical appointments(which we all know is often). As well on days when I just need some help she stops by. My sister helps with Blyss too and takes care of her when I am away by helping my mom.

My parents( a month before the g tube)

My mom and Wysdom a day or two after he was born

So I just wanted to share a big THANK YOU for all the help and support that we have been given over the year. We love you all and we could NOT imagine being on this journey without all of their help, love and many prayers. We know you all have been touched by Wysdom's presence and love him dearly.


SunflowerStories said...

You are so blessed! What a wonderful family. Love seeing all of them with little W!

Lacey said...

What a great family you have. Thats one thing that I will miss if we move to California. Although we do have some family there. You get to do Wysdoms birthday and Thanksgiving so close, lucky you:)

Lisa said...

Oh, Sasha! You are so fortunate. I'm always so grateful for having family around, too. They get to see Sheridan and spend time with him as he's growing up. And it really IS so wonderful to have help - even when it's just little help (like my mom folding Sheridan's laundry and setting the laundry basket near his room so it's easier for me to get everything put away). Gotta love family!

Cheryl said...

How wonderful to have so much support!

Kim Rees said...

You are truly blessed! Not only do you have one set of grandparents to help you have both! That is fantastic! Family support means a lot especially when you have a child with medical needs. So glad that your family has stepped up to the plate and taken on the challenge with open arms! God Bless!

Stephanie said...

Wow, that's awesome. We don't have that kind of support here. Our only family that's involved with us is all the way in Hawaii!
Makes it lonely sometimes. You truly are very lucky. What makes it even better is that YOU know just how fortunate you are :)
Beautiful family!!

Tina said...

Isn't having family close by so great especially when they are so supportive and caring. I loved your post. Sorry I've been so bad with my commenting, I've been catching up with all the posts and have been a bit irregular with my own as well. You must believe in what Wysdom can and can't do, sometimes thrapists think they know it but you're the parent and are with him all the time and know him better than anyone else, never under estimate his capabilities. Any update on his eye check-up? It was interesting to read about the test they did, Saira probably needs some test like that, as I am really starting to wonder if she is even wearing the right power in her glasses.

Beverly said...

what a blessing to have such good parents and have their support and help!

mauimom said...

What a wonderful family you have, you are so blessed! Thank goodness for family!!