Saturday, August 29, 2009

Look "I did it!"

We got our "I did it" shirt in the mail a little while ago. We just took some pictures of Wysdom wearing the shirt for the first time this week. Isn't this shirt adorable? It is inspired and created by Jennifer over at Three's A Charm, where proceeds from this shirt will go to purchasing a copy of the book "Gifts 2" that will be donated to local organizations and hospitals in the Sacramento area. Isn't that so cool!!! For more information check out Jennifer's blog post.

Wysdom has accomplished lots of things so far in his 9 months of life. Here are some of the things that he has done.
  • Had open heart surgery and battled back from numerous complications
  • Rolls over by himself
  • Is learning to sit up
  • Smiles a thousand times a day:)
  • Says "dad da da da"
  • Claps his hands
  • Lights up a room with his smile
  • EATS oatmeal and veggies and fruit
  • Plays and interacts well with toys and people
  • Battled and survived RSV
  • Went on his first outing to African Lion Safari

Wysdom has grown into an active little boy who gets into lots of new things daily, too numerous to mention. We are so proud of you Wysdom. You did it!!!


Adrienne said...

Yay Wysdom-you're amazing!

Alaina and Kyle said...

I love to read about all the accomplishments thus far!! How exciting. I love those shirts.

The Sanchez Family said...

GREAT job Wysdom!!! Keep doing "it"!!!! Love it!

Sara P said...


Cheryl said...

He's so adorable!!Keep up the good work Wysdom!

Carrie said...

Way to go Wysdom!

Beverly said...

I just love those shirts! He looks so cute in it! Wysdom is doing such a great job!

Stephanie said...

I saw those shirts on Arienne's blog also--I love it! Wow Wysdom is doing AWESOME, especially considering all the medical probs. he's had to overcome. Amazing job Wysdom!

Lisa said...

Love it! And love the pic! He looks SO good!