Friday, August 7, 2009

An Appointment Free Week equals...FUN

Wow... this has been a strange week, we have had a full week with no appointments. Trust me I am NOT complaining. I don't think that we have ever had this since Wysdom's birth. Actually to be honest I don't think we have had this since we found out about Wysdom having Down Syndrome. While pregnant, I had numerous prenatal visits located about an hour away from home and made the trip almost weekly. Since his birth we have had ongoing weekly appointments with a Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist and Early Intervention Worker. Plus we have been in the hospital for a total of almost 3 months. So this week has been a rarity. I really don't know how we ended up with a free week so to speak...but it is nice and I will take it anytime. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all of our therapists and the work they do with Wysdom but I never quite realized what fewer appointments would allow us to do.

Just look at the list of fun things that we were able to do this week in place of therapy appointments and hospital visits. I know this probably doesn't seem like much but for us this is a big deal. We hung out at my parents house and watched Blyss swim in the pool with her cousins. Wysdom got to chill out on the deck and relax in the summer air and have fun with his cousins too. The adults had a fancy chocolate martini made by my sister(yum!!). Blyss got to go to the park and splash pad and took her first swimming lesson of the summer. I got a few hours to relax and go to Chapters for a break and I was also able to visit with my friends at the health food store where I used to work before maternity leave. Julian got to have a close friend come visit us and meet Wysdom and Blyss.

I realized that when we are busy with hospitals and appointments I don't really feel like socializing too much as we are just keeping up with things and are functioning at fast pace. I think as a family we have really missed this part of our lives..I mean I think we have missed socializing and doing fun things outside of the home. was nice. Next week or so we might try for a bigger outing to African Lion Safari or Niagara Falls. I will keep you posted.:)


Beverly said...

I know it is great to have no place to go! I love those kind of days!

sheree said...

oh gosh, I so know what you mean!! I find that if I just plan things to do and actually DO them, I don't feel *so* bogged down with the not-so-fun stuff!

Enjoy your week!

Michelle said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Your kids are precious! It is nice to have an appointment-free week!