Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Great News Wysdom is G Tube Free

I can't barely believe it. Wysdom is now g tube free!!! Yeah. Wysdom got his g tube when he was almost 1 year old. Actually just a month before his 1st birthday. We were told that he would likely have it for life. However with much determination and patience we have worked hard to get it out. Wysdom has not used his g tube for almost a year. So this week we went for a consultation to see if we could get it taken out. Yes it did serve us well, however for those of you that know our story well also know that it caused us a lot of problems as well. I think we might have broken the worlds record for g tube problems and infections. One each month almost for the first year.

So when we got the hospital on Monday they decided it was time to take it out and suggested that we do it right on the spot. To be honest I was a little nervous and really not prepared. Usually everything is a bit of a fight. So when they were ready to take it out I couldn't believe it. Our options were to take it out right away, plan for sedation or to have him pass is through his bowels. Well a big red flag comes up when you mention passing it though the bowels. So that was a huge NO. The next option was to sedate him in a lab and then take it out. Well we all know for Wysdom sedation proves to be difficult. We have been turned away from sedations and omitted to the O.R or another hospital because he is such a high risk. So this was not on the top of our list, especially since they would end up putting a tube down his throat.

So the last option was to do it in the office. They say that is supposed to feel like a punch in the stomach. That it hurts, but is quick. After asking our trusted nurse who we always see what she thought we went for this route. I volunteered Julian to stay in the room with him, as I felt so nervous and a not as strong as I could have.

They told me to walk down to the elevators and back. On my way back the nurse was already out telling me that it was done and that I walked to slow. Yeah. When I went in, Wysdom gave me a little cry and then a big smile. He has been nothing but smiles since. I am sure he feels better. He is climbing on all of our furniture and I even saw him standing with no hands. Yes he is looking for it...but I keep telling him it is gone and out.

So blessed that he is eating and drinking on his own. So thankful for such a positive outcome!!!! So all of you trying to get rid or your child's g tube or ng. Keep faith that it can happen, even though they don't tell you that!!! "Beach here we come"! That is the first thing my sister said. Since we always had some much problems with the tube we have really restricted Wysdom's exposure to things that would irritate the g tube- like sands. So it looks like we can be free to go to the beach and in the water without having to worry.


Gabriel and Alyssa said...

You give me hope. Gread job Wysdom!

Alaina and Kyle said...

Oh so jealous!! We are still on full g-tube feeds. UGGG!!! I can't wait. That has got to be a monster lifted off your shoulders. Congrats to Wisdom!!

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

Thank you! Yes we are thrilled. There is always hope for you. Yes a huge weight has been lifted. For us doing the blenderized diet was the way to go. He started eating the blenderized feeds and over time just got quicker and quicker at it.

We still have lots to learn, however we are truly happy that it is out. Wysdom keeps looking for it, however I know he feels better already. If you have any questions on the blenderized diet send me an email.

ds.mama said...

Yay Wysdom! So glad to hear you are tube free.

Cindy said...

Wow!! Congratulations!!