Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oxygen Monitor: Not Fun

Well to all of you who have your child where an oxygen monitor at night...I don't know how you do it? We had to have Wysdom wear one last night and that was an ordeal to say the least. For the first two hours it was okay. The monitor did not make any noise and just lit up. Since we were just doing this for a test night, I didn't want to touch and change anything.

However then Wysdom started to get fussy and kind of wake up. Once he saw and felt that on his finger he threw if off, pulled it off, shook it off. You name it. We were only trying to get 4 hours for the study. But that was pretty difficult to do. I could not image having to do this every night, unless there is some other type of device.

We handed the box in today and are just waiting for the results. I think that we will have a sleep study in the future. I am actually thinking that his issue might be some sleep apnea and reflux.

What are your nights like? Do you experience trouble with the nights? How does it effect your schedule?


Erin said...

We just had a pulse ox study but we placed it on his big toe and put his sock over it and he never noticed it. So ours went ok except the alarm went off all night. We also just put him on reflux meds and I think they are really helping. Now the sleep study was another story, totally stressful on all parties involved. But the information is more accurate so I think worth it. Hope you get some answers (and sleep) soon!

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...


Thanks for your comments. The placement on the toe sounds like a good idea. For whatever reason they wanted it on his finger. Did you get the answers to your sleep study?

I have heard that the sleep study is not fun. I am not sure how we would even do it as my son does not sleep in a traditional bed.

Thanks for sharing. It helps when you hear how other's are doing.

Krista said...

We are just ahead of you in the process. Ella had the sleep monitor and in just over a week we will go for a sleep study consult and then a sleep study....She seems to sleep well to me, but they have her as semi-urgent...who knows.

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

Hi Krista,

Thanks for the comment. Hope all goes well. I know Wysdom is probably high urgency. However our pedi would not send us. So we had to switch pedi's and now we are starting the process.

bitt said...

I can't even imagine how hard it was to get an oxygen monitor on him. I hated it and it was hard to sleep. But if he has apnea it is good to know.

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

Thanks Bitt for your comment. Yes I guess the end results is what we are after. For the sleep study I know it will be crazy for him. I am so not looking forward to that. Keep me posted on how it goes for you.:)

connie said...

If he ends up needing it ongoing, see if he can wear an adhesive wrap-type one on his foot, wrapped around with the red light part on top and the sensor on the bottom (wrapped near the outer edge of the foot). He looks sort of small, but maybe not. Otherwise, I agree the toe is good. We found that the brand of pulse ox we had was good for having sensors that really lasted a long time, and the alarms were musical, and not scary blasts like most. They still woke us up, but not to a scary sound. I can tell you about it if you need that. Hope you don't need it, but if you do, it's a blessing. :)

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

Thanks Connie for your comment. We just went through a second test just before I got your comment. He probably didn't get a good reading on this either. We will just see what happens next. Thanks for your tips, I love that you can get a monitor with musical alarms. I will keep you posted.:)