Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We have one noisy baby!

Wysom has always been pretty vocal. However in the last week he has kicked it up a notch and is making lots of new sounds and babbling all the time. We are having so much fun with him and his noisy self. At times he can make such a loud noise that family members are totally in awe that the noise is coming from our little peanut. (Well actually not so little weighing in at almost 22 pounds). We of course are used to all of his noises, especially early in the morning. It does seem like Wysdom is trying to express himself more and mimic some of the things that we are saying.

I just have to say that we are having so much fun with him right now. He just seems to be thriving this last week. I think it could be also the fact that he is feeling better and has recovered(fingers crossed)from all of his g tube issues.

One thing that he loves doing is demanding for us to pick him up. He uses the sign with such force that you gotta know it's a demand "mommy pick me up now please"
Everyday I am truly in awe at how much joy and love he brings to our lives. It is just so amazing. We are so blessed to have two amazing children. One babbling boy and one Hannah Montana Rock Star.(more about that later)


Tara said...

I love that he's trying to communicate with you! Oh my, those pics you posted are soooo cute. What a great photographer Blyss is!

How's your mom? Continuing to pray.

Carrie said...

I love this! I think whenever babies can express themselves more and people understand what they want, everyone is happier. He is such a little darling!

Beverly said...

sounds like he is having a good time and becoming a big boy.

Kim Rees said...

That is fantastic! I love listening to babies babble...it is so stinkin' cute! He really is an amazing little guy and you are an amazing family too! God Bless You!

Kelly said...

I just love the babbling! It's good to hear that Wysdon is doing well. I sense there was a smile on your face as your were writing this post. It's nice to see things getting back on track for you! Enjoy the noise Sasha!

Meghann said...

Wysdom sounds like one feisty little man!