Friday, July 24, 2009 we come

Today we went to see the Ophthalmologist, at a hospital about an hour away from home. Wysdom's eyes tend to turn in and cross sometimes. The right one turns in quite a bit and they also shake a bit. After his heart surgery I really noticed his eyes being crossed a lot of the time. I think this was caused by the massive pressure spot that was created on his forehead from the cpap mask. It's almost like his eyes turned into see what was causing so much pain. Now that the sore is healing, I have found that his eyes still cross but not as dramatically as they did after surgery. The Ophthalmologist said it could also be the medications. She asked me for a list of what he was on during the surgery and all I could do was chuckle to myself because during surgery and in recovery I am sure that he was on about 15 or more nope I didn't have a list.

Well today's conclusion is that at the end of this appointment we got another appointment to come back in a month to see the doctor. Wysdoms right eye tends to turn in more and therefore he uses his left to compensate. It really is much more complicated than that, but that is the jist of it. So right now we can put a patch over Wysdom's left eye for 20 minutes a day to help strengthen the right eye.

A patch over his eye wouldn't be so bad if he didn't already have a ng coming out of his nose and a healing pressure spot on his forehead. What can I say my baby has a lot of things going on right now. He is such a trooper.

I am really praying that nothing surgical has to be done and that it can heal or strengthen on it's own. I am just visualizing all the upcoming things that he will need done...maybe a g-tube, maybe tubes in his ears and possibly plastic surgery for his pressure spot on his forehead ( I am still really upset about this). I wish I could minimize all the interventions and appointments that we have....I just want him to be left alone for a bit. We have had such a crazy time with the heart surgery and other complications that I just want him at home playing...Is that bad of me? Yes, I too am getting tired of the numerous appointments...but and there is a but. I am also grateful that we have the ability to have access to all of these wonderful services and if they help him I am there in a minute. So I will suck it up an prepare for the next appointment on Monday, to the plastic surgeons.


Brandie said...

It is not bad for you to want him at home playing! I imagine he'd like the same thing. I'm tired of appointments lately,too. And I agree with the "but". Goldie has Nystagmus (her eyes wiggle back and forth) and her vision has improved dramatically on its own lately. I hope the same thing can happen for Wysdom. I also know parents who have combined surgeries. ie: ear tubes and eyes at the same time. Hang in there!

Beverly said...

praying all heals well for Wysdom. He is such a beautiful, strong baby. keeping him in our prayers.

datri said...

Kayla has intermittent strabismus. Her eyes turn in occasionally. We went through 4 ophthalmologist before we found one who would do anything about it besides surgery. Right now we're trying glasses. Seems to be working, her eyes don't turn in as much.